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No, I’m serious, really, ask a question.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Is there anything you would like to ask Marty Rathbun and/or others from FZs?

  2. Just Bill says:

    Re: QuestionsNice reversal. Made me stop and think. I've written several recent articles about the non-church Scientology and its believers, and the problems they now must face. I think it's important for Scientologists to confront the factors I've brought up, so I'm quite surprised that the problems I mention are universally ignored by Scientologists. They seem to think that if they don't confront these problems, the problems will just disappear.I'd ask why, but I already know the answer, "There are no problems with True Scientology".In other words, "Continue non-confronting and 'everything will be fine'".

  3. Anonymous says:

    Aren't you also giving a non-answer. You stated, "I'd ask why", but why what?

  4. Just Bill says:

    LOL! No. The "I'd ask why" follows immediately after "the problems I mention are universally ignored by Scientologists" and "They seem to think that if they don't confront these problems, the problems will just disappear."So, implied in the "why" is "Why do Scientologists universally ignore those problems" — without having to repeat myself.

  5. Bill. First I want to state that you are getting through even though at times it possibly may not appear so to you.You are a lot more effective than anyone else out there. Keep plugging away at the truth. It works. In the 1950's and 60's it was okay for Scientologists to have opinions and express them. In the late 1960's Ron got on the kick of issuing lots of goldenrods declaring lots of people and then it was not safe to have an opinion and express it within the Church. This was a dramatic departure from what had been the norm. The purpose of Ethics in Scientology is to keep the members in tow and looking at the truth gets you in lots of trouble and costs lots of money in review, security checks, ad nauseum. The number of defections and the quantities of monies that will be demanded to be refunded by unhappy Scientologists in 2010 will be staggering. I know this for a fact. Thanks for being there. You are appreciated for what you say and do and I want you to know it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Bill, I'm going to take you up on your offer to make a suggestion. Is there a way that the questions section of the site could be rearraranged so that we don't need to click and scroll through the whole history of Q's and A's to get to the recent ones? Perhaps the blog software allows for the newest questions to appear at the top, as with the front page of the blog. Barring that, you could archive some of the older questions so that they remain available, but are separated from the current discussions. A minor issue, obviously, but now that's in up above 400 entries, I do notice it each time I come to the site.

  7. Just Bill says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. I am well aware of this problem and, as soon as I have a bit more time, I'll work out a solution.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi Bill, excellent site, very informative.My Question, (i'm from the UK BTW)Can you explain how the tax exempt status actualy benefits the "Church"?Does it mean they don't charge an extra percentage tax on courses and books?If they bring in 100USD now, what would the value be without Tax exemption?Thanks.

  9. Just Bill says:

    In the US, it works like this: If the Church of Scientology brings in $100.00 for "services" (auditing or courses) or just "pure donations" they pay absolutely no taxes.They pay normal taxes for material goods sold, like books, tapes, e-meters and such.

  10. Just Bill says:

    Re: TaxesSomeone pointed out that one of the huge benefits to being "tax exempt" is that the Church of Scientology pays no property taxes on any of their properties.

  11. Anonymous says:

    >In the US, it works like this: If the Church of Scientology brings in $100.00 for "services" (auditing or courses) or just "pure donations" they pay absolutely no taxes100usd for a course – how much would the course be with taxes i.e. what would the tax rate be – is it 10% or 20% or etc..?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Does the R6 implant of a untrained person who taps into it some how show images of hell and stuff to that said person? Also to a untrained person what does it mean when said persons heads spins and spins and then xenu starts talking to him angrily and after that cause him not being able to fall asleep due to images seen all the time when eyes are closes going days and days w/o sleep? until said person needs to take sleeping pills in order to finally sleep?Is said person going to hell for eternity like voices said?thanks

  13. Just Bill says:

    Re: Said personI'd say that said person has been reading (and believing) too much of Hubbard's "stuff".Anyone can make up stuff like that — images and voices — if they try hard enough. There is no evidence that any of that stuff is real or, even if it was, that it has any power at all.Or, to put it more bluntly: There is no truth there. That stuff isn't real and can't harm anyone.Said person needs to chill out and read something more pleasant.

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  17. jason smith says:

    In Scientology, how would one communicate to an individual that their loved one is suffering through a life-threatening illness? Also how would a Scientologist tell an individual they are diagnosed with a life threatening disease?

    • justbill001 says:

      Generally, Scientologists would communicate in such a situation much like anyone else would. There really isn’t any special procedure or terminology in such situations.

      I will add, however, that Scientologists firmly believe that anything bad that happens to a person is their fault — they “pulled it in”. So, there isn’t a whole lot of sympathy or compassion in Scientology.

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