Conspiracy Theory

The Church of Scientology has an excuse. A really good excuse.

It is the excuse for why it is so litigious.

It is the reason it has to use [the abusive practice formerly known as] fair game.

This was given to me, not long ago, as the excuse on why the Church of Scientology simply cannot ever be honest and open.

This is the reason it finds “Suppressive Persons” around every corner, why it can never admit to any wrong-doing, why it keeps everything secret, why it is failing, why it is attacked, why – well – just about anything that is wrong.

The excuse?

The Church of Scientology is under continuous attack from a world-wide, super-powerful, immensely rich, secret, evil conspiracy.

I’m not kidding. This is the ultimate Church of Scientology excuse for everything.

Who are the conspirators? Well, it seems to be, who else, the psychiatrists. Also the drug companies. Big media. And don’t forget the international bankers. I think George Bush Sr. is in there somewhere, as well. And now, don’t forget Anonymous. (Anonymous, you are part of something BIG!)

Are you not impressed?

Not only that, but, according to L. Ron Hubbard, these conspirators represent Whole Track Evil and have been battling Whole Track Good for trillions of years. (“Whole Track” means “from the beginning of time”).

Pretty cool, eh?

Now for the proof that this is so:

Um, Hubbard said so?

That’s about it.

Scientology used to claim that the conspiracy was why the IRS did not recognize Scientology as a religion, but that is no longer true.

Scientology used to claim that “big media” never gave Scientology a decent break because of the conspiracy, but that’s no longer true either, for years “big media” has been significantly even-handed about Scientology.

And I don’t see how the psychiatrists fit in. Where is the psychiatric anti-Scientology organization equivalent to CCHR? Where is psychiatry’s Scientology attack videos?

Scientologists (illegally) infiltrated many U.S. Government offices and had free access to many, many documents. One thing they did not find was any evidence of that global, anti-Scientology conspiracy. They found lots of interesting documents, but nothing supporting that theory!

So, where is this big conspiracy? They can’t have it both ways. If there is a big, all-powerful, world-wide, anti-Scientology conspiracy then absolutely no positive things could have happened, or they would have been short-lived at best. Since many positive things did happen, and continued, just where was the conspiracy?

Scientology might claim that it was their excessive litigation that forced those changes. But, now, think logically. If there were a super-rich, super-powerful conspiracy, don’t you think they could afford 100 times the lawyers–out of petty cash? And if this conspiracy’s entire purpose was to eradicate Good (assuming for the moment that Scientology represents that Good) would they have just given up and allowed those positive things to continue? Is it super-rich, super-powerful or not? Which is it?

There is no evidence at all of such a conspiracy. In fact, all the facts available show that there couldn’t be such an super-powerful conspiracy. The whole conspiracy theory just doesn’t hold water!

So, in summary, after 58 years, the Church of Scientology has never found any evidence that their beloved conspiracy exists. On the contrary there is tons of evidence that such a conspiracy doesn’t exist.

Perhaps Scientology’s big conspiracy theory persists simply because it is a convenient excuse for Scientology’s continued bad behavior.

Ya’ think?

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4 Responses to Conspiracy Theory

  1. Just Bill says:

    Scientologists have this wonderful proof about this.Problem: There are tons of reports of Church of Scientology abuses, crimes and fraud.Answer: It’s all from the big anti-Scientology conspiracy.Question: What proof is there that there is any such conspiracy?Answer: Well, look! There’s all those reports!

  2. Just Bill says:

    OK, so I forgot the best proof.The attacks are from a big, anti-Scientology conspiracy because the Church of Scientology never, ever, ever, ever, EVER does anything wrong!And the proof of never doing anything wrong is …[crickets]

  3. Just Bill, are you saying that because Hubbard told you so?Open your eyes! The only conspiracy here is Scientology!Where is your proof that Scientology does not ever ever ever EVER do anything wrong? Let me guess, you were told so?So this big anti-scientology conspiracy is why this all happens? Oh… my… god… Someone needs a rerun!'for years "big media" has been significantly even-handed about Scientology.''Where is psychiatry's Scientology attack videos?'PROOF:'Scientologists (illegally) infiltrated many U.S. Government offices and had free access to many, many documents.'PROOF:'One thing they did not find was any evidence of that global, anti-Scientology conspiracy.'So you will come back saying that it is not so because Hubbard told you so… He is your shepherd and you are his sheep. Simple as that.

  4. Just Bill says:

    @Shane ThompsonLOLWUT?Did you actually think I believed Scientology's Conspiracy Theory? I don't think you even read my article.

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