Scientology Justice

You may have heard that the Church of Scientology wants to create a “Scientology World”, which they call “A Cleared Planet”. This is their goal and they are quite clear about it.

And you may be wondering what kind of a world that would be.

We’ve already seen how Freedom of Religion would be handled, how the church handles Freedom of Speech. And I mentioned the church’s handling of Truth. Now let’s see how Justice would be handled under the Benevolent Scientology World Order.

In a Scientology World, they would do away with “wog” justice. Oh, no, that kind of justice just won’t do.

Serious crimes would be handled by a Scientology “Committee of Evidence” or “Comm Ev”. This is Scientology Justice.

There are no lawyers, no rules of evidence and no judges or juries. You are not allowed to confront your accusers. You are not allowed to hear or question witnesses, no cross-examination. Evidence is whatever the Committee decides is evidence, truth is whatever the Committee decides it true.

Your accuser, the person who calls the Committee of Evidence, gets to choose the members of the Committee.

Imagine a Scientology World.

And don’t get upset about it. If your emotional “tone level” drops too low, you’re in trouble. Hubbard said that the low-toned people should be “disposed of without regret”.

Happily imagine a Scientology World.

Ah! And if you are found “guilty” of whatever, happily think about how you will be “rehabilitated” in the “Rehabilitation Project Force”.

You’ll get a generous four hours of sleep, delicious meals composed of whatever is left over when your betters have eaten, hard labor, a small bunk with many other happy prisoners and the chance to confess and confess and confess. For an undetermined number of years. And, if you get sick or have any body problems, you will be able to “work through it”.

Don’t we all want that kind of justice? That’s the “vastly superior” justice that the Church of Scientology has now and wants everyone to have.

Welcome to the Scientology World.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey hey ^_^,i was thinking about that 100,000 volunteer ministers statistic… do you think BT’s are counted in the total ^_^?no need to publish this or attribute the idea; just a friendly thought from a neighborhood Anonymous?-|<

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