Scientology’s Leader, David Miscavige, Doesn’t Like You

It’s true. David Miscavige, leader of the Church of Scientology does not like you. In fact, he thinks you are a Suppressive Person.

You may have noted that I haven’t said specifically who this “you” refers to. This is because it doesn’t matter who you are, David Miscavige really doesn’t like you. You disgust him.

He said so, many times.

If you are a “wog” (non-Scientologist), of course he hates you. You are beneath contempt until you become enlightened and accept Scientology as the One True Path. Then you would graduate to the exalted status of Public Scientologist.

And Miscavige really hates Public Scientologists. He hates going out where Public Scientologists can see him and talk to him. Public Scientologists are all Suppressive Persons. Yes, he has said exactly that. Public Scientologists are scum. They never give Miscavige enough money or enough volunteer hours. If they were True Believers, they would go deeply in debt, donate all their money to him and join staff. All Scientologists should become Scientology Staff.

And Miscavige really loathes Scientology Staff. “Outer Org” (non-Sea Org) staff are all Suppressive. Yes, Miscavige has said so. Loudly. They don’t work long enough hours, they actually have an outside life, outside interests. They usually have a second job (to pay the bills) instead of working full time at the Org. They are all off-purpose dilettantes. The Outer Orgs are all failing. Scientology’s statistics are crashed. Orgs are empty. It’s not Miscavige’s fault! No, it’s all the Outer Org Staff’s fault. With Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” design, he hopes to replace all the Outer Org staff with video terminals in the public spaces. The videos, carefully designed by Miscavige, can be trusted to disseminate “correctly”, while Outer Org staff are all incompetent. And, further, if Outer Org Staff were at all True, Dedicated Believers, they would join the Sea Org.

And Miscavige really, really hates Sea Org Members. They are all Suppressive Persons. He has yelled this, laced with many obscenities, during top level meetings. Sea Org Members are failing to handle the horrible failures of Scientology around the world. It is not Miscavige’s fault that Scientology is failing everywhere! No, it’s not! Miscavige’s ideas and his orders are perfect. But all those incompetent and, yes, Suppressive Sea Org Members, who were supposed to “make things go right”, have failed. Yes, it’s all their fault! Miscavige has already declared thousands of people Suppressive. The Scientology International Management base in Hemet has gone from over one thousand to just a few hundred Sea Org members. And they are all locked behind razor wire. But still the Church of Scientology is failing. It isn’t Miscavige’s fault! He knows that there are still Suppressives at the base and he will continue declaring them Suppressive and locking them up until he roots out every last one, even if he has to declare everybody Suppressive. Yes, he has said that.

The only person Miscavige is absolutely sure is Good and is not a Suppressive is … Miscavige. Yes, he is probably the only person in the whole world who is not Suppressive.

So, if you’re not David Miscavige, then David Miscavige hates you. You are a Suppressive Person. Miscavige said so.

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4 Responses to Scientology’s Leader, David Miscavige, Doesn’t Like You

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ha! Well, fair is fair – I don’t like him either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve worked for the SOB and this is all true. He is the most self-aggrandizing bastard I’ve ever met. The only exception to your article is DM does not think Tom Cruise is suppressive. He said to me that TC is the only comparable person to himself that he knows. He said TC can put the ball on the tee so DM can hit it. In other words, TC can open doors that DM can then walk through – doors that would otherwise never be open to him.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is from a lecture LRH gave on the Class VIII course called “Ethics and Supervision”:”When morale is bad in an organization tech had to go out inthe first place. If tech is out, if it’s invalidated, if itisn’t being done right, if it’s non-standardized, if it’sshoved all over the place, then you can be absolutely surethat morale will be going out because there is no reasonfor anybody to be there.Scientology, badly applied, is nothing to protect. Andthat’s why you have to get tech in in a hurry. And the wayyou get tech in in a hurry, when it’s madly out, is you putethics in hard and follow it straight up with tech. Thenyou will find the cycle will go on through, and adminfollows in afterwards. And then you have ethics, tech andadmin are all in.”Now if you find ethics is having to stiffen up, if you’regetting more ethics than you would normally predict, and ifethics is stiffening up beyond anything that anybodythought was necessary, then you know very well that techhas slipped, and slipped badly, and that the reports thatyou are getting must be; and it follows true. It isn’t justa reasonability; it must be that the technical reports youare getting are false reports.”I would say that Davey has squirreled the tech so badly that that overt is now kicking him back in the teeth….

  4. Just Bill says:

    Well, David Miscavige has certainly badly squirreled the technology, that’s quite true. And he is certainly horribly messed up. Maybe his psychotic behavior is caused by his squirrelling, I don’t know.But I also don’t know where any proof has ever been provided that Hubbard’s “pure tech” is as good as he claimed either. Hubbard ended up in extremely bad shape himself, in his final years. Are we to assume Hubbard squirrelled his own tech?I do know many people say they have benefited from Scientology, but many more have not. That isn’t important, individual mileage may vary and that’s as it should be.But I think the whole Miscavige thing is a bit simpler. Miscavige has always been psychotic.

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