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Scientology RPF Documents

Very recently, the basic Scientology RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) documents have been leaked. This is great news. In the excellent report on Scientology’s RPF, the author, Stephen A. Kent, PhD, notes that it is impossible to do a complete analysis … Continue reading

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Scientology’s Justifications

I discovered, over the years, that when I found myself spending a good portion my time thinking up reasons why “it really is OK that I did that”, it was always a sure sign I really shouldn’t have done that. … Continue reading

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Scientology vs. the World

Scientology has a serious problem between itself and the “wog” (non-Scientology) world. Scientology has very strict rules, specified by L. Ron Hubbard in his “Policy Letters”, that the church “must follow”. And quite a number of these policies require actions … Continue reading

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Scientologists: Buy My Magic Pebble

Scientologists, If I told you that I had a “Magic Wishing Pebble” that would grant me every wish, would you believe me? If I said it gave me super powers, allowed me to live forever, made me cause over the … Continue reading

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David Miscavige – Scientology’s Leader

Meet David Miscavige, Church of Scientology’s leader. What kind of a leader is David Miscavige? Let’s see, when I think of great leaders, I think the greatest of all lead by example. They are the first ones to risk it … Continue reading

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Scientologists: Scientology, Then and Now

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s ignore the debate of whether Hubbard’s technology “works” or not. Let’s just look at what Hubbard put together, and what Miscavige did with it after Hubbard died. All current Scientologists are supposed to … Continue reading

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Scientology Proofs

The Church of Scientology is known for making quite grandiose claims for their technology. According to their press releases and statements, every single thing produced by L. Ron Hubbard or David Miscavige is the best thing, ever! Sometimes they include … Continue reading

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Scientology Troll Handling

Now, I’m not the world’s best example of how to handle Scientology’s trolls, but I have observed a few things that I’d like to mention. These are things I’ve learned over time and that I wish I could keep in … Continue reading

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Scientology’s Internet Trolls

Troll: A user of a newsgroup, forum or message board who posts messages with the intent of inciting an argument or flame-war. If you spend any time browsing the Internet, you have undoubtedly run into trolls, those people who post … Continue reading

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Scientology: The First Lesson

To become a Scientologist, you must have one primary belief. Without it, you can never become a Scientologist. With it, you are golden. You must believe that L. Ron Hubbard is All-Knowing, All-Seeing, Perfect and Always Right. And they do. … Continue reading

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