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Scientology: Image vs. Substance

It is obvious to an outside observer that the Church of Scientology does not act, or react, in a logical manner. To an outside observer, the actions of the church don’t make a lot of sense. Why did the church … Continue reading

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The Church of Scientology Cries "KKK!"

I don’t think the Church of Scientology is ever going to learn. In the past, the church accused their critics of “being Nazis!” As I pointed out in The Church of Scientology Cries “Nazi!”, this was incredibly stupid. First, this … Continue reading

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Scientology’s Turning Point

Something has happened in the Church of Scientology that is quite significant. It has taken several years, but the change is now complete. It hasn’t been acknowledged, or even mentioned within Scientology, but the change is radical and comprehensive. It … Continue reading

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The Questions Scientology Should Answer, but Won’t

In the same vein as Seven Questions Every Scientologist Has a Right to Ask here are some more, but different, questions. Like the Seven Questions, these are not esoteric or philosophically unanswerable questions, these are just simple, obvious and important … Continue reading

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Seven Questions Every Scientologist Has a Right to Ask

´╗┐This article was sent to me some time ago from a Scientologist, before Ask the Scientologist even existed. It was published elsewhere, but I’m finally posting it here, to give it an official place to live. It is odd to … Continue reading

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Why Do Scientologists Believe?

Scientology claims that it is fact based. Scientology claims that no one is asked to believe anything. Scientology claims that, if you don’t find something to be true, it isn’t true. So why do Scientologists believe things for which there … Continue reading

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The Importance of Dianetics in Scientology

You may be a bit confused as to why the word “Dianetics” comes up so much when it’s really Scientology. What’s going on? Dianetics was developed first. When Scientology was developed, L. Ron Hubbard considered it an improvement and a … Continue reading

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