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The Church of Scientology cries "Hate Group!"

The Church of Scientology has been throwing the term “hate group” around a lot. If two or more people dare to criticize the church, the Church of Scientology inevitably cries “Hate Group”! And now it’s reported that the Church of … Continue reading

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Scientology’s "Mental Manipulation"

In the recent news about the Church of Scientology on trial in France, one of the lawyers for the church, Patrick Maisonneuve, said: “We will contest every charge and prove that there was no mental manipulation.” Oh, really? That is … Continue reading

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Scientology Agree/Disagree

In the Philadelphia Doctorate Courses, L. Ron Hubbard spoke quite a bit about agree and disagree. Agreement is effect and disagreement is cause. If you agree with someone, you are the effect of what they say. If you disagree with … Continue reading

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Scientology: "Saving the Planet"

If I had to select the absolute worst thing that the Church of Scientology claims, I’d say the claim that they are “saving the planet” is the very, very worst. Yes, they really do claim exactly that. This is what … Continue reading

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