If you love a good comedy, especially one with a hefty dose of irony, then you will be loving the accusations all the various flavors of Scientologists are slinging at each other.

It really is quite wonderful.

Squirreling: The act of using Scientology techniques in a form different than originally described by Hubbard is referred to within Scientology as “squirreling”, and is said by Scientologists to be a “high crime”.

According to the Church of Scientology, every single person who practices any form of Scientology outside of the church is a squirrel — unless, of course, they pay a licensing fee to the church.

So the Church of Scientology is crying that, well, everyone else is a squirrel.

Oh, this is a terrible insult!.

One of the earlier breakaway groups was the rather large Ron’s Org groups established by “Captain” Bill Robertson.  Robertson established his Ron’s Org because, in his words, the Church of Scientology was squirreling the tech.

Other individuals and groups have broken away from the Church of Scientology before and since.  Many of them have also accused the Church of Scientology of squirreling.   However, these other individuals and groups avoided joining Ron’s Orgs because, they said, Ron’s Orgs were squirreling.

David Mayo, kicked out of the Church of Scientology for protesting David Miscavige’s squirreling of the tech, established his AAC (Advanced Ability Center) group to deliver “standard Scientology”.  He was, of course, condemned by the church for squirreling the tech.

And so it goes.  Each new breakaway accuses both the Church of Scientology and all previous breakaway groups of squirreling!

So, today, you have all the newest Scientologists who have left the Church of Scientology, but who still believe in Scientology, eschewing the Freezone and all other non-church groups and calling themselves “Independent Scientologists” — although they are, truly, no different than those who have gone before.  Of course, all the older breakaway groups will undoubtedly accuse these newest ex-churchies of being squirrels, since they are tainted by Miscavige’s squirreling!

So, it appears that everybody practicing any form of Scientology, inside or outside the church, are, in fact, all squirrels.

Well, I have something to add to all this.  Since L. Ron Hubbard knowingly used the “Ls” and “NOTS”, both of which are proven to be authored by David Mayo (not Hubbard), not to mention Hubbard adopting into Scientology various techniques from many other people, I’d like to add to this universal list of squirrels the name L. Ron Hubbard.

There, the list is now complete.  Might as well call it Squirrelology, everybody is doing it!

Look, a squirrel!

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14 Responses to Squirrel!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bill the truth always surfaces!When you have "perfect" tech (KSW 1) etc, then you are able to observe, look, discern, analyze ad infinitum, BUT are told NOT to have your own opinion or exercise good judgement, what is left?

  2. Anonymous says:

    @truth always surfacesCould you please put this into a format that Wogs could understand? I've read this many times and can only assume that you might be saying "The Tech works, but only under brainwashing"? Please help me understand your statement better, Thanks

  3. Anonymous says:

    Let's hope the FZ's don't get sent to Narconon to kick their LRH habbit. 😉 I just hope that many will just wake up after time when they find out that the Tech is more common sense and the policies and auditing were a trap.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Attempted post to… http://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/recollections-of-lrh-part-2/#comment-12034user id = Fact Check1976…“We were all drilled in our shore stories and LRH had us choose our AKAs (phony names).”And who taught who how to lie? Even DM wouldn’t be the criminal he is without being trained in some way.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Shouldn't a "true OT" in any circle of this crap have THE PERFECT ANSWER to resolve all conflicts. I do love the battle. It's better than anything on TV. Just another notch in "Tech don't work" column.

  6. Anonymous says:

    re squirreling… it seems that all this activity in and around scientology is but a dramatization of what is going on in all major world religions for thousands of years.Reform is not the answer.New splinter groups form in any reform movement and squirreling is on it's happy way.Perhaps the founding group of any movement has faults that eventually lead to destruction.

  7. I love that there are these other Scientology groups inasmuch as they're useful to test the Church's stance on the freedom of religion. Whenever they are, I don't know, found guilty of fraud, they will claim that their religious freedom is being violated. The best counter to this is to ask how they feel about the religious freedoms of the people in the Freezone. Just don't expect an answer!

  8. Just Bill says:

    Re: "Major religions"Not to disagree with your point, but making any comparison between Scientology and "major religions" is quite incorrect.Would you compare Pagans with major religions? How about Wiccans? Both of those have more members in the U.S. than Scientology by at least an order of magnitude. Would you compare Jedis with major religions? There are significantly more people in the U.K. who claim their religion as Jedi than those who say they are Scientologists.Scientology is not a major religion, nor is it anything like a major religion. It was and is a little, tiny, minuscule fringe group that is rapidly disappearing.Otherwise, I like your observation.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I post regularly on the ESMB (Ex-Scientologist's Message Board) and read the Ex-Scientology Kids and the new Ex-Scn.net. There is a lovely guy on the latter who was in from the get-go, in Britain, I think, and claims he was fully exterior with complete perceptics (i.e. out of his physical body but able to physically see from viewpoints outside). He is only the latest and greatest in all the posts I read from ex-sci but true believers. I can't say he isn't telling the truth…but, please! Why do some people have to cling to this stuff for-ever, Bill?So, yes, I didn't know before but I fully believe there are people who claim their religion is Jedi.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Just Bill, thankyou for your kind reply to my comment re: squirreling .I did not think of scientology as a "Major Religion", I merely statet that scientology is dramatizing major religions and their squirreling activities over the centuries .I hope this will clarify my point .

  11. Just Bill says:

    Re: Exterior and all thatThere have been stories for thousands of years about people who have left their bodies and returned. True? A lot of people think it's true, not so much in Europe or Western Hemisphere but a lot of the rest of the world has no problem with it.But that isn't your question. The reason Scientologists cling so tightly to their beliefs is because those beliefs are very, very attractive. According to Hubbard, you are not the screwed up person you seem to be. You are not doomed to failure and death. You can be transformed into an immortal, god-like being. If you thought all that was really true, would you easily give it up?Trust me, the more you really believe that promise, the harder you hold onto it.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Re: Exteriorization aka out of body experiencesThey can be scientifically explained and are nothing more than brain-created illusions. In fact it is possible to create an out of body experience in someone by stimulating a certain region of the brain called the "temporoparietal junction". There is no "thetan" leaving the body.See alsohttp://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20427291.100-out-of-your-head-leaving-the-body-behind.htmlandhttp://www.newscientist.com/article/dn12531-outofbody-experiences-are-all-in-the-mind.html

  13. Just Bill says:

    Re: Out of bodyInteresting links, but they are about tricking people. That just proves that you can trick people. Interesting, but not substantive.When it comes to paranormal stuff, most scientists are not objective — they start with the "fact" that it is all fake, and then set up situations to prove that.I certainly understand that viewpoint, but I don't agree with it. I think some paranormal stuff deserves serious investigation, not tricks to "disprove" it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is an extremely funny blog post. I was just thinking the other day how amusing it was that fingers were pointing in every direction, with choruses of "they're squirreling!" I couldn't help but laugh out lound. And man, it's all so SERIOUS and so very humourous.

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