Summer Break

Don’t worry if I’m slow in moderating comments for awhile, nothing is wrong.  It’s Summer for all of us here in the northern hemisphere — take a break.

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2 Responses to Summer Break

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a sibling who is a devoted Scientologist. How much does it cost to be a Scientologist? For example, about how much does it cost to become "Clear"?

  2. Just Bill says:

    Re: Cost of ScientologyThat is a moving target. Especially if you are talking about "Clear". Clear is a very, very vague "state". According to L. Ron Hubbard, one could "become Clear" after only a relatively small amount of Dianetic auditing. So that would be, perhaps, $20,000 – $30,000.But usually, it takes a lot more auditing than that.But that isn't really it. Because it's such a vague "state", your sibling would, inevitably, be declared "not Clear". At which point they would have to repeat everything to try again. This can, and often does, occur multiple times.But the state of Clear isn't anything special. All Clears feel pretty much as they felt before. Not any significant improvement.So, they believe that the real amazing states are the states above Clear. The "OT" levels. And those are much more expensive.At each OT level, the person will again feel no significant improvement, and so they will believe that the next OT level will be "the one".Eventually, they get to OT 8 at a cost of over $300,000. But that is still not all. While on the OT levels, a Scientologist is "expected" (read that as required) to donate generously to all the Church of Scientology's fund-raising projects. This will cost more than $100,000, often much more. This is not optional.Since the "amazing improvements" and "OT powers" are still not appearing, the Scientologist may elect to get other, optional auditing, such as very, very expensive processes known as "the Ls". Which also do not produce the promised abilities and powers.All in all, doing Scientology can, if a person can keep paying and doesn't run out of money, run well above half a million dollars.

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