Calling All Scientology OTs!

We have another guest blogger today.  As a service to all Scientologists, I am publishing this Open Letter to all OTs from a Scientology OT.

– Just Bill

An Open Letter to All Scientology OTs
A Call to Action!

Dear OT,

As you are aware (because all of us OTs are fully aware of everything), Scientology is in grave danger.

The Church of Scientology is on the verge of complete destruction.  Even Scientology outside of the church is in serious trouble.  Major media are attacking Scientology, spreading misinformation about our wonderful religion.  Attacks and protests are continuing.  Legal actions are in progress.

It is time to go to battle.  We are OTs.  We are “at cause over matter, energy, space, time, life, form and thought, subjective and objective.”  We have the power and we have the will to use it.

Yes, we’ve withheld our powers because it would be too steep a gradient for mere “wogs” to confront, but we can no longer hold ourselves in check.  The very existence of Scientology is at stake.  This is no time to be gentle.

Here is what you must do.  Go to a location where there are lots of witnesses.  Ensure that newspapers, TV and radio have been called and show up.

Then show your true OT powers!  Levitate your car, or make it disappear.  Grab Osama bin Laden from wherever he is hiding and fly him right to prison.  Create objects out of thin air!  Read people’s minds.  Disarm all the criminals in your city without blinking an eye!  Show all these “wogs” the true power of Scientology.

You know that the minute we show all these “wogs” what Scientology really can do, all opposition will cease and everybody would flock to our churches, clamoring for our services.

It’s time to stop the pretence that we’re normal people with no more powers or any better solutions than these “wogs”.

Take off the gloves!  Show your true powers!  It’s Scientology’s last hope – for us OTs, this will be easy!

A Scientology OT

PS: And would all graduates from the PTS/SP Course please “confront and shatter” all the world’s suppression?  Thanks.

Well, that’s the letter.  Sounds like a workable idea, don’t you think?  If all the Scientology OTs demonstrated their true OT powers, Hubbard would be vindicated and Scientology would be saved — not just saved, but Scientology would become the most popular religion overnight.

Without some demonstration of Scientology’s miraculous results, they haven’t much hope.

There, I’ve published the call.  All we can do now is look for the massive demonstration of truly amazing OT powers, soon to be unleashed.

Isn’t this exciting?  I can’t wait!

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31 Responses to Calling All Scientology OTs!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ah man, great idea. I'll totally get around to it. Between being on course and listening to the congresses I just don't have time to do it right away though….

  2. Anonymous says:

    My best OT ability is that my ass wipes itself. Not so good for public display, so I'll have to go with demonstrating how I can make my hair fall out at will.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can talk to the animals. Yes, and I can demonstrate that at any time to anyone.However, the animals don't seem to listen to me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Admit it! You got an inspiration from my comments about testing few posts ago, didn't you? :)Great post anyway!Python

  5. Just Bill says:

    @pythonActually, I wrote this before your comments because I read the future!LOL!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe we should just sue Hubbard's estate for Hubbard stealing ideas for books from people that weren't even born then by reading future.That should be fun.Python

  7. Anonymous says:

    Fellow OTs:Japan also requires our joint action just to Save the Planet for the nth time!Do not hesitate.This is our chance to finish the endless rundown!

  8. omnom says:

    That may all be out-exchange – shattering global (and inter-global!) suppression is a task that would benefit others' without benefit to self.I'd be happy to see a Clear. A *real* Clear, by DMSMH standards. No out-exchange necessary.

  9. Anonymous says:

    ROTFL!!This reminds me of Wendy Ettricks telling me most solemnly that no sooner had the first OT 8's rolled off the line (herself included) than the Berlin Wall came down. But omnon is right, in scientology it's out-exchange to help others without getting something in return! How about this- all those powerful OTs get together and put Japan back to rights using their OT will, and we'll give them the money that people the world over have donated.

  10. Anonymous says:

    And don't forget, at one time we believed this crap was real.Why?

  11. Anonymous says:

    I am not fluent in sci-speak so I don't know exactly what "out-exchange" means but if it means that you aren't allowed to do something without getting something in return, then I don't see the problem. Scientology is definitely in danger of being destroyed, they are running out of money, and public demonstration of OT powers would suddenly make MILLIONS of people wanting to get into the church. That's a lot of stuff in return for what should be routine demonstration.Scientology spends a lot of money on advertising that does almost nothing to get "raw meet in" so they obviously want to get more people in.Python

  12. Interesting,Although I am not nor have I ever been a Scientologist or OT, I belonged to an "offshoot" which is now going through the exact same "meltdown". They are now trying to "expand" their horizons and teach the masses about psychic abilities. Umm, yeah right! It will be interesting to see who makes it to the ledge first!Jeffrey

  13. Squash Lady says:

    Hi Bill,After going Clear, I routed on Solo and first thing on my checksheet was to read Dianetics.When I got to the chapter where LRH describes Clears, I started scratching my head. I started looking for my MU's, I got my False Data stripped. I was on that Chapter for months, because dang it all, by that description I was not a Clear.So I thought maybe I should take the Key to Life course because obviously I just didn't know how to read and understand what I was reading.Years later when I finally got through KTL (a great course in my opinion) I went back on Solo and started Dianetics again. It still said the same thing and I still did not fit the description. But this time I did not question what I read. It said what it said so the problem remained.So I asked my Supervisor about this and he explained that Dianetics was a developing subject and that LRH learned more after he wrote that book and now the description of Clear is really the description of an OT 8.And when I asked how come LRH did not clarify this new discovery, I was told that well, he was just too busy doing his research to go back and correct things. The sad part is that I bought it.

  14. Dave says:

    Hello JB,Your “Calling All Scientology OTs!” spoof is absolutely hilarious. In it you wrote, “Yes, we've withheld our powers because it would be too steep a gradient for mere wogs to confront, but we can no longer hold ourselves in check. The very existence of Scientology is at stake. This is no time to be gentle.” OTs have been told to not publically demonstrate their “superhuman powers” because this would scare the ordinary human beings and I can understand this. I think I would be seriously shaken if I saw someone actually willing an ashtray up into the air. David Copperfield and Criss Angel are illusionists but this would definitely be something else. Really spooky!But surely OTs can privately test themselves to see if they have the promised powers. I'm sure they have permission to use their magical abilities when no one is around. Home alone they could levitate ashtrays and change the TV channels without using the remote–just for the fun of it. This way they wouldn't scare any wogs and still prove to themselves that they are superhuman OTs. My first question to you JB is this. As "OTs" obviously can’t levitate anything, publically or privately, why haven’t more of them twigged to the fact they have no paranormal abilities? Imagine an OT in the privacy of his own home spending hours and hours frantically trying to levitate an ashtray. How long would it take for them to realize they have been conned? My second question is this. Suppose someone actually could levitate an ashtray (highly unlikely) how long would they be able to suppress the temptation to show this paranormal ability to James Randi and make a quick million bucks? With the publicity from this they could then tour the world and make millions more. Surely the promise of massive fame and fortune would be an irresistible enticement to demonstrate OT powers. How long will it take for someone to succumb to temptation and demonstrate them? 😉

  15. Just Bill says:

    @Dave,I can tell you, as a certainty, that every single person who completes any of the OT Levels does test themselves for "OT Powers" — without exception.Since there are no specific "powers" assigned to an OT level, no one knows which OT power to test, so they randomly try this and that power. Exteriorization? Foretell the future? Levitate something? Pick winning Lotto numbers? Telepathy?And, of course, nothing happens. Or "something happens" but can't be repeated (which is known in the real world as "coincidence"). So they continue in hopes that their next OT level will release those promised wonderful powers.The reason they don't twig that it's all a con is that they believe that all the other OTs are getting wonderful powers — and they are the only failure.Would a Scientologist go for the million dollars if they really had OT Powers? You bet! Fame and fortune and excellent PR for Scientology. Why not? That million would buy a lot of nice, shiny awards in the Church of Scientology.

  16. Anonymous says:

    My opinion is that the road to spiritual freedom does not lie with fighting anything. It lies in finding the resistance to energy. This idea that you need to be at war with something is a mistake in my view. Being at war is in line with the Scientology intention to control. Scientologists sould be the masters of 'start, change, and stop' witch in itself is a worthwhile goal. As you clear up confusion you should be able to predict your own furture to a large degree without it being too mystical and change it to your liking. Maybe you cannot move an ashtray with intention alone but it is difficult for me to understand how someone can say they did not benefit from the Tech.

  17. Just Bill says:

    Re: "Difficult for me to understand how someone can say they did not benefit from the Tech"Yeah. I've talked about this quite a lot and I understand how a Scientologist could feel this way.But it's true. A lot of people derive no discernible benefit from Scientology. It's a well-known fact that less than 10% of the people who take Div 6 courses ever make it to any major course or level — nothing happened.But even those who do think they benefited from some bit of Scientology tech never receive what was promised, and that is the key.No Scientologist, ever, achieved the "Abilities Gained" from the Grade Chart. No Scientologist, ever, gained the abilities Hubbard promised for Clear and OT.Sure, they might "feel better". If that was all Scientology promised, that would be fine. But Scientology promises miracles and only delivers "feel better" (and only some of the time) — and that is fraud.If you only expected "feel better" and you're happy with that result, then fine. But Scientology is only one technology in millions that provide "feel better" results.It isn't about "some benefit", it is about what was promised versus what was delivered.And that is the point here.

  18. Bruce D. says:

    If you co-oaudited Grades 0 to 4 you should have received those abilities. I can understand people doubting the whole track, entities, and the idea of intermingled theta lines. Grades O to 4 should be abilities that are attainable for most people.

  19. Just Bill says:

    @Bruce D.Well, that's your belief. Personally, I've never seen it and there is no evidence that anyone really attained those abilities.Those are pretty unbelievable abilities and the Scientology community demonstrates, every day, the lack of those abilities — they have difficulty in talking to some kinds of people, and even more trouble listening to most people, they have problems, they very work hard to make others wrong, and so on.I have no major issues with Scientologists believing those abilities "are attainable", but when they sell Scientology processes promising those abilities, I object. Not only is there no proof, a review of the Scientology community shows the distinct lack of those exact abilities.

  20. Bruce D. says:

    Bill,I certainly had a lot of charge on Registrars not taking no for an answer which is what drove me out of Scientology many years ago. But they were also trained not to take no for an answer. In my experience what I said while processing "what's true for you is true for you". When training if you disagree too much you may find yourself redoing a course or stopped on the Bridge. Whether training or processing I always walked away with more ability than I had going in. As far as OT abilities are concerned the first time I caught wind of something not quite right was when I listened to the Exterioration Tapes. Ron had absolutely no success in exteriorizing anyone on those tapes. I think what was once the goal of exteriorizing from the body ended up as exterioizing from from energy. That certainly is a worthwhile goal but is most likely a never ending process, although after time it becomes easier to achieve on a temporary basis. The problem with the Church is that you can end up picking up more charge than you are getting rid of if you find yourself disagreeing with them.

  21. Just Bill says:

    @Bruce D.I've said that one of the best abilities I gained from Scientology is the ability to say "No". It is surprisingly hard with Scientology Registrars. I imagine one of their gained abilities is to get (almost) everyone to say "Yes" no matter what.I agree that it is easy, and perhaps common, to pick up more charge than you got rid of in Scientology — especially with today's church.

  22. Bruce D. says:

    I left the Church in the late 80s. I have been out a long time but have never lost interest in increasing self awareness. I started in the late 70s. The Church had a totally different atmosphere before David Miscavavidge took over in the early 80s. Under his watch it became more authoratarian. Before then there was no control by upper management. Missions were franchises and the mission holders had good communication skills and used a lot of affinity. Many left or were forced out at that time. I myself was written up for questioning what was going on at the time but nothing became of it because I did not press the issue.

  23. Dave says:

    @ Bruce DR.e. abilities gained from ScientologyIf you read the link below it seems that more people have gained abilities from Transcendental Meditation than from Scientology and at a much lower cost.

  24. Bruce D. says:

    'IM A' – 'IM A' – 'IM A'Dave, I am curious. How long were you in Scientology and how far did you go up the Bridge? I took TM before I got into Scientology.

  25. Dave says:

    @ AnonymousAs you clear up confusion you should be able to predict your own future to a large degree without it being too mystical and change it to your liking.Non-Scientologists predict and change their future to their liking all the time. They call it "making a decision."

  26. Dave says:

    @ Bruce D.I just dabbled in both, TM first, same as you. IMO neither offer any special powers but as far as temporary euphoric effects go TM is much cheaper and less time consuming.

  27. Bruce D. says:

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I have an interest in mysteries so I did more than just dabble in Scientology and Eastern philosophy. I consider it fun. Scientology is not expensive if you do not get professional auditing. Training and coauditing are reasonably priced. The problem with Scientology is that the organization is too pushy and do not allow you to advance at your own speed. "Making a decision" sounds easy but many are in fear of making a wrong decision.It takes some understanding and ability in problem solving to make a decision that benefits you and the people that are close to you. It is true that there are those other than Scientology that teach that but I personally did not find that in the Eastern philosophies.

  28. Dave says:

    Thanks Bruce. I didn’t much care for the Scientology organization, that’s probably why I just dabbled. I tend to be a bit of a maverick anyway and definitely wouldn't fit into Scientology today.Making a decision is easy. You just:- get the facts- analyse the facts in an impartial manner- come to a decision- and then (most importantly) act on that decision.Or you ask yourself, “What am I worrying about?” Then ask, “What can I do about it?” You can sleep on it or tell yourself, “Next Tuesday at 12 noon I’ll know exactly what to do.” There are self-help books on just about everything.Yeah this stuff is fun.

  29. Bruce D. says:

    Dave,That seems to cover just about everything. Have fun.

  30. Anonymous says:

    OT powers are not played down when Scientologists are promoting Scientology. They are only played down when Scientologists are asked to demonstrate them.

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