We Have Moved!

You have found the new home for Ask the Scientologist!

The blog isn’t fully set up the way I want it to be but it will be soon.  In the meantime, you can post questions, comments and suggestions here or at the old site.


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8 Responses to We Have Moved!

  1. Welcome to your new home! Here’s hoping wordpress serves you well for a long time to come Bill.

  2. DMSTCC says:

    Can’t wait for your next Piece.

    BTW – The latest numbers from Flag are in:

    Fort Harrison Gingerbread House Brings Holiday Cheer
    A month in the making
    Standing four feet tall
    185 pounds of gingerbread
    95 pounds of frosting
    2000 pieces of candy.
    1,652 individual gingerbread cookie shingles cap the roof.
    11-foot gingerbread fireplace
    170 pounds of gingerbread and
    131 pounds of frosting
    Within 24 hours of completion, photos of the house and the fireplace had been forwarded by guests of the religious retreat to more than 16 countries around the world.

  3. Strelnikov says:

    Just writing to say I’m still out there, and that San Diego Scientology is still moving toward oblivion.

    • justbill001 says:

      Fantastic! (Both bits of news). I gotta say, I have a hard time understanding how those that are left haven’t woken up. You’d really have to stick your head deeply in the sand to still be an active supporter of the Church of Scientology.

      • Strelnikov says:

        I think many people (the “publics”) left in the “church” are internal defectors; i.e. they only do the minimum to stay away from Ethics. I’ve met people like that. Probably the only true believers are Tom Cruise and the youngest Sea Org slaves, and I have doubts about Tom.

  4. Tanya says:

    Hi I just want to say I have been researching Scientology on the beliefs and underlying affects they try and have on others. i have been dating a Scientology guy for just over a year, and its been good and terribly bad at the same time. In actual fact more bad hurtful times than good.
    Reading ure info of control has made me understand and realise what this guy is all about.
    If I ever asked him a question, he always answered with a question back to me ( I am sure u know what I mean). He is such a control freak. He made me acknowlege everything he said to me and if I ommitted to, he would continue asking me to acknowledge.
    I need to let u know that fortunately this a long distance relationship and he live in UK and me in SA.
    I have broken off our relationship because I cannot be bullied and mentally abused by him and his peculiar ways. He tries to make me feel like I have problems and can be very rude and insulting at times, yet says I am. Mmmmm all one huge Mind game he plays. I think if I wasn’t so head strong and in control of my life he would have pulled me into his whole control power. Now he can’t accept the fact I just want to be friends and no more than that.
    I would appreciate ure input and advice if any.
    I need to understand the way a Scientologists mind works, cos what I have seen is very controlling and wacked and far from a normal person. He will never admit he is to blame and quick to divert blame to me.
    Well I am so glad I am strong minded and have ended this with him. Any tips or advice from u would be so appreciated.

    • justbill001 says:

      Hi Tanya,

      Thanks for your comment and questions.

      First, to be fair, not all Scientologists are like your ex. Some are quite nice people.

      However, that being said, I will admit that Scientology does attract that kind of person. Scientology is all about control. The basics of Scientology, like the “TRs” and the “Tone Scale” are about how to control others.

      A second basic teaching in Scientology is how Scientologists are vastly superior to all others, that anyone who rejects Scientology is degraded and that, when you are a Scientologist, you are not to blame for bad things – others are to blame (because they are “out ethics”, “PTS” or “Suppressive”).

      As you can tell from that, the “technology” of Scientology would be very attractive to someone like your ex. And, once such a control-freak, no-responsibility type of person becomes a Scientologist, those traits would only get worse — a lot worse because, in Scientology, they are considered good traits.

      David Miscavige himself demonstrates these traits to an extreme degree.

      I, too, am glad you are strong-minded. It is very good that you have ended your relationship. My advice would be to not have any contact at all with him in the future — there is no good reason to. You did the right thing.


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