Church of Scientology: All Promises are Cancelled

All promises by Hubbard, the Church of Scientology or any Scientologist have been cancelled!

I covered this in my last post but this deserves repeating. The Church of Scientology says, explicitly, that every single claim made by L. Ron Hubbard is false – Hubbard’s claims are”not a statement of claims by the Church, by any other Scientology church or organization, or by LRH.” (emphasis added).

Scientologists: If you were wondering why you didn’t get the abilities you were promised from Scientology processing, here is your answer:

First, you weren’t actually promised any gains. Technically, you weren’t promised anything. As I covered in my last post, the Church of Scientology explicitly revoked every single promise of gains, benefits or results of any kind. It’s in the contract they wrote.

Second, truthfully, the church never expected you to actually attain any new abilities, gains or benefits. “Neither the Church nor any other Scientology church or organization makes any claim … that any particular result may be forthcoming from my participation”

Still having trouble talking to your cantankerous Aunt Tilly after Grade 0? That’s not surprising, no abilities were actually promised.

Still having problems after Grade 1? Well, that’s what was promised: Nothing.

If you are like every other Scientologist, you have secretly felt that you didn’t get the full, promised abilities after each Grade Chart level.

If you mention to the Church of Scientology that you feel you didn’t get the full, expected gains from each level, or any gains you did get just didn’t last, the church will blame you. You are out-ethics, you false-attested, you are committing crimes, you-you-you! But the truth is that you did get exactly what was promised — not one damn thing.

The evidence is clear from the Scientology Contract for Services, the church knows they can’t and they won’t deliver on any of their promises. They know Hubbard made a lot of claims that were simply not true. They know you won’t get those promised gains. The contract admits and confirms exactly that.

So their solution isn’t to stop making those claims. Their solution isn’t to put disclaimers in every book and lecture by Hubbard admitting the claims are bogus – or, at least, unproven. No, their “solution” is to keep making and promoting ALL their wondrous claims, ALL of Hubbard’s bogus claims, but make everybody sign a contract that quietly cancels every single promise and every single claim.

This is extremely dishonest. But, that is what the Church of Scientology is all about.

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