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NOTICE: I did not realize that the form for contacting me was broken. I apologize. It should work now. I really do want to hear from you.

Use this form if you want to contact me privately.

The only required field is Your Email but, if you don’t want an answer, just enter “” (or something else obviously bogus).

In addition, I will only reply if you ask me to, so you can control what might show up in your Inbox.

Important: If you do want a response from me, please ensure you have entered a correct email address.  I have received requests and questions that I am unable to answer because of errors in the email address entered.

I, very much, understand the importance of privacy, especially as regards the Church of Scientology. I will never reveal anyone’s name, email address or any identifying information in any article, comment or to anyone else.

If you make a suggestion or make a good point, I certainly may discuss it in an article, but I will ensure no identifying information is included.

Special note: If you wish to post a comment just to attack Scientology and “stupid” Scientologists, don’t bother.  I’m not a Scientologist and I am not a believer.  You might read some of this blog to get the idea of what I think.  Any insulting, nasty, stupid comments you wish to make won’t bother me and won’t get posted.

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