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Tom, Katie, Suri and the Media Reaction

When I first started this blog, my primary intention was to clear up the misinformation about Scientology, the Church of Scientology and ex-Scientologists.  Sometimes I think I’ve done a good job.  Then there are times, like recently, when I’m amazed … Continue reading

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"Real, live OTs!"

Well, this is certainly good news.  An Independent Scientologist has announced that he is producing “real, live OTs”. Isn’t that wonderful? In addition, can we also assume he is producing “real, live Releases” and “real, live Clears”? Think about it, … Continue reading

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The Scientology E-Meter

[This is part one of a two part series on the E-Meter.  The second is here.] There is a lot of misinformation, speculation and strange claims about the Scientology E-Meter.  Since I try to clear up such confusing areas, it … Continue reading

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