If You Are Afraid of the Scientology Contract

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. Consult a real lawyer.

I have been thinking more about the terrible Scientology Contract. I hear of people, long out of Scientology, still being required to abide by the horrible conditions of those contracts. This seems very wrong. If I were concerned about this for me, I would take steps now to protect myself.

If I were concerned about this, I would formally inform all the churches where I signed such things that I declare that all of those contracts were void for the following reasons.

From upcounsel.com, these are a few of the indications of a void contract:

  • It is unfairly one-sided.
  • It unfairly restricts one side’s actions (such as the right to work).

The Church of Scientology contract cancels all legal rights of the buyer while promising absolutely nothing in return. That is obviously one-sided.

  • This is another reason the Scientology contract is, in my opinion, void: A contract, to be valid, must contain a quid-pro-quo: A specific offering for a specific return. While the contract requires a lot from the buyer, it promises nothing in return. This is not valid.

As far as I know, there is still another reason why the contract is void.

  • The buyer never receives his/her own copy of the “contract” properly signed by a legal representative of the church. It isn’t valid if it isn’t properly signed by all parties.

In addition, I would inform the church that I formally withdraw from any and all association and participation with any Church of Scientology and therefore, in the future, if any Scientology contracts are found to be valid, those agreements and contracts with the Church of Scientology are, as of my departure, declared to be completed and now cancelled.

That’s what I’d do and I’d keep a notarized copy of each letter.

Do consult a lawyer if you want to move in this direction.

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