Can Scientology solve YOUR problem?

Some people are attracted to Scientology because Scientology promises to handle any and all human problems. Scientology, they say, has a solution for everything!

Some people read a Scientology book, like “Dianetics”, and think the claims by Hubbard of “miraculous cures” are real and based on actual research. All those claims have been proven completely bogus and, technically, the church no longer officially makes those claims. Hypocritically, the church still sells the books without any footnote, correction or disclaimer about how false all Hubbard’s claims turned out to be.

One of the tricks Scientologists are trained to use to get people into Scientology is to find out a person’s “ruin”, their most pressing difficulty, problem or upset, and then say the magic phrase “Scientology can handle that!”

It doesn’t matter what the problem is and there doesn’t have to be any evidence that Scientology has ever solved that problem. No, it’s just a magic phrase to get someone into the Scientology machine.

So, does Scientology ever handle a person’s “ruin”? Will it handle your problem? Scientologists will always promise it will. Does it? Has it ever?

The answer is “no”. Scientology cannot, does not and never will “handle” it.

Oh, Scientologists will tell you, verbally (not in writing), “Scientology can handle that” and sell you as much auditing as they can — for as long as they can string you along — but that big problem you came in to handle? Don’t hold your breath.

Remember that Scientology’s results, if any, are primarily Placebo Effect. If you believe strongly enough, you may see some benefit.

However, understand this: If your problem can be solved by believing it to be solved, there are much better (and cheaper!) ways of achieving that result.

But for any significant problems you might have, stay far away from Scientology. Look for solutions elsewhere and you will have a much better chance of actually finding a solution to your problems.

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